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描写春天的英语yabo亚博官网合法吗 (100字)

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  Spring in imperceptible in stepping lightsome pace coming to us, the spring is green, it represents vitality, stands for hope.

  Spring is pure and fresh, with rainy, moisten the earth. All said: "the spring rain your such as oil," spring rain thin thick, make the dry soil to drink enough water, grass can't wait to drill out, green green lets a person find everything new and fresh.

  Spring is shy, red face covered with green gauze clothing leisurely, the breeze gently passing leaves silently out shoot, cherry, peach blossom, lily, winter jasmine flowers are in the race to race to the open, beauty makes people crazy.

  Spring is the fanciful, fantasizing about xanadu's colorful, like a little girl doing the beautiful dream, the dream have a kite flying through the air, with twittering birds, a plain wooden house on the ground, small grass green, the flowers, connect steps closer.

  Spring temper like its temperature, gentle, warm, people in the bright sunshine, stretching, leaping, free, carefree to release a winter massiness and lazy, let all sink dark disappear without a trace.

  Brought fresh spring, spring, spring brought a fresh start, we will turn over a new leaf in spring.








  Spring is coming, every corner of the earth is full of the breath of spring.

  Campus, everywhere is beautiful spring scenery LuXiang. Willow drew a fine wicker, compose clean above a pale yellow leaves; The grass with the fragrance of the earth in your drill out, the clusters, clusters, tender and green flowers also reached yawn, yawned, leaned out of the small head; The children all took off heavy winter clothes, put on both light and bright spring clothing; The birds flew out from home, singing hit song, tell us: spring is coming!

  Spring has really come, in the pond, on the field, in the sky, glow with vitality everywhere. Nature scenery becomes rich and colorful. Sunny day, warm sunshine in the body, soft spring breeze blows on the face, warm and comfortable, in the rain, occasionally exploding heart, both thrilling and exciting.

  Spring scenery was so beautiful, the mood even more beautiful in spring. The whole winter straight-backed rickets, cheerful smile was full of hope. Busy again in the park, take photos of young people, the old man on a fishing trip, children catching insects, intoxicated in the bosom of nature, linger.

  People are busy in spring. As the saying goes: in spring. You see, in the streets of the city, through the form of a busy coming and going, fields, the rural farmers spread the seeds of hope. The walls of the classroom on the schedule of the new term, numerous book, have a lot of knowledge waiting for us to gather fruit.

  I love spring, I like to smell the perfume of flowers, see trees of green, hear little uzziah sings. I love spring, because spring is full of vitality, full of new hope!













6.我喜欢春天英语yabo亚博官网合法吗I like spring



9.我喜欢春天的英语yabo亚博官网合法吗I love spring


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